With Reviewzi you will get more reviews, better reviews and grow your email and SMS lists.

Stand Out From Your Competition. On the sites that your customers are looking at……

Reviewzi was built to simplify growing your business in two ways...

1. Get new customers

2. Get more business from YOUR current customers

Reviewzi Includes

Businesses We Serve

We Offer our growth Services to Restaurants, Retail, Hospitality, Local Services, Professional Services, Healthcare and any business who wants to GROW!

Our Locations

Reviewzi is currently available throughout the USA and Canada. Our offices are based in Michigan and Florida.

100% Satisfaction

That is our goal. We're confident that you'll find value with Reviewzi. Our current clients love our service and we believe you will too.

Built to Grow YOUR Business!

Pro-Active Review Requests

Our gamification techniology drives staff participation ensuring success.

Prevent Negative Reviews

Our pre-review survey technology directs any unhappy customers to a private feedback.

Provide Coupons

Effortlessly collect customer contact information and provide them with a “Bounce Back” reward coupon.

Grow with Email & SMS Reminders

Bring your customers back with value based messaging the way they want it- by email or text (SMS).

Easy to Use

We understand you are busy with your business. Reviewzi is easy to use yet very effective and we are here for you every step of the way.

Reviewzi LISTEN

With our unique LISTEN feature you can view, and manage YOUR Businesses’ reviews and online reputation on the sites that your customers are using.


Yes, the set-up fee is typically only $199. per location- We have discounts available for multiple-location businesses.

Reviewzi and all of our services are provided on a month to month basis. We believe in providing value as our customer retention strategy. So, there are no contracts, you can cancel at any time.

The list of businesses realizing how important their reviews and online reputation is to growing their business is growing daily.

However, currently only 24% of businesses say they employ the tested review strategies like Reviewzi offers. Sign up today and you could get this Reviewzi advantage over your competitors!

Contact our team today and we can help you get set up with multiple locations! 

Our Reviewzi Dashboard provide multiple levels of management capabilities. Our levels include Organization, Location, Manager and Staff.

Customers can still leave negative reviews by looking up your business online and choosing to leave a negative review on sites such as Google Business and Yelp. There’s nothing we can do to stop that.

However, our Review funnel encourages unsatisfied customers to fill out our private feedback form. This allows you the opportunity to resolve any issues prior to a customer leaving a negative review on the public sites

The Reviewzi generation funnel was developed specifically to catch and turn-around negative customer experiences. Your 4star+ customers are driven to review sites where they can leave their positive feedback, while your 3stars or less use a private form that only you and the customer see. This process of collecting reviews provides priceless information about what about your business needs improvement, so it’s not just one sided complaints from disgruntled people!

It’s okay to get a negative review every once in a while. In fact, research shows that it might actually help: having reviews of both positive and negative attitudes can lend legitimacy to those reviews that are sincerely positive. BUT! Never fear: the Reviewzi platform is here to make your 5-star ratings shine out above all others. When unhappy customers come onto our website they will be asked if their experience was something good or bad (1 to 5 stars). Negative reviewers who choose 1 to 3 stars rating will automatically be provided with our private feedback form.

Reviewzi has your back!

Responding to Reviews is a very integral part of managing your business’ reputation online. Our Listen Dashboard allows you to see and respond to all reviews right from there, but this can be time consuming process so we offer our Fully Managed Reviews service. Reviewzi staff located in the United States review and respond to every single one of your customer feedbacks.  In some cases we will ask for your assistance to ensure a satisfactory answer to any issues the customer brings to light.

Do you have agency plans, can we white label the Reviewzi software?

Yes we have agency opportunities. Please contact us directly so that we can set up a call to talk through some options (we want to find the solution that works best for you). We would consider a white label for the right situation.

YES, We do. Our reseller program is lucrative and residual- for the life of the customer. Resellers often use Reviewzi as a door opener and offer other services once the relationship is established. Please contact us directly to see how our reseller program will work for you.