Reviewzi Gamification

Reviews Gamification

When we looked at the problem businesses are having in getting their number of reviews and quality where it needs to be- we came up with a truly “game-changing” idea”- let’s make it fun!

The word “Gamify” came up in our research. So, we researched what the successful “gamification” of reviews might look like, because what is more fun than playing a rewarding game.

With Reviewzi the goal of our gamification is to engage with employees and customers to inspire, share, and interact regarding reviews for your restaurant. In our research, we came up with “four steps to successful gamification” efforts and found we had quite a fit.

The 4 Reviewzi Gamification Benefits!

Increase Employee

Improve Business

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Quality and Velocity of Reviews

Effective Gamification Requires:

The Reviewzi System Delivers!