Who We Serve

Is Reviewzi for You?

Our founders have decades of experience developing Marketing and Business solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), with an affinity for local or “Main Street” Businesses. With Reviewzi we continue to deliver transformative marketing technologies and strategies for our clients from almost all walks of life, including Restaurants, Retail Stores, Healthcare Facilities, Local Services, Professional Services, and any business that needs more reviews and more revenue.


The landscape of restaurant business marketing has been transformed by the growth of digital technology. No longer can restaurant owners rely on the traditional word of mouth and, print advertising to market their restaurants to the local community. Although many restaurants seem to be taking advantage of the new digital strategies others are struggling to get their restaurants marketing strategy on track.

Reviewzi provides YOU with a proven set of digital Technologies that will grow your business, with our affordable, effective and easy to use proven system.. Check out the video.

Local Businesses

As a local small business owner, you need to wear a lot of hats—from operations and staff scheduling, to inventory and cash flow management just to name a few- day to operations can be overwhelming at times. You then need to address the marketing piece of the puzzle, which requires a whole other skillset. With Reviewzi as your partner you will find your marketing to be easy, effective and affordable.

Professional Services

Not too long ago, professional service providers could count on their reputations and country club contacts to obtain a steady stream of clients or patients. Today, though, lawyers, accountants, management consultants, architects, engineers, dentists, doctors, and other professionals must have a plan to consistently bring in business and maintain their practices. Reviewzi works for you, with our two prong approach of getting you new customers and marketing to your current ones! With Reviewzi we help you not only maintain but grow your practice easily, effectively and affordably.